…Unglück …misfortune …mala suerte

Stephen Lerner (29.02.1958) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Lerner


„Nicht Unglück, sondern Langeweile ist das Gegenteil von Glück“
„Not misfortune, but boredom is the opposite of happiness“
„No es mala suerte, pero el aburrimiento es lo contrario de la felicidad“
Stephen Lerner

Wheel Of Misfortune – Whiplash –www.uppercutmusic.com/artist_w/whiplash_lyrics/wheel_of_misfortune_lyrics.html

Wheel Of Misfortune www.songtextemania.com/wheel_of_misfortune_songtext_whiplash.html

Alone again, it never fails
Always seems to happen to me
Just when I think I’ve got it all,
Along comes fate, it all falls to the floor

Naïve but yet so conscious
Of the grim reality that I endure
I never won this game before,
Why does it happen to me?

I’m alive, but I’m not winning,
The life that I live, tell me who I to blame?

I’m so broke but I survive,
Can’t keep up with modern times
It all costs more than I can afford,
Why should a man have to beg for more?

I see the rich get richer
While the poor survive day by day, it’s wrong
I’m sick of all that I endure
The world where I belong

I’m alive, but I’m not winning
The life I live, tell me who am I to blame?
So alive, my head is spinning, my mind keeps turning,
Life is killing me.

It’s always me who hits the wall,
The only man to take the fall
I fall onto my knees and cry,
‘Cause everything I have just died

I try so hard to make it
In a world so cold, it’s rotten to the cire
But I’ll keep trying more and more
‘Til I get what’s coming to me

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